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"You're A Good Man,  Charlie Brown"!

Board of Directors
- Phyllis Meranus, President
- Lois Dyer, Vice President
- Paul Gomperz, Treasurer
- Liz Declet, Secretary
​- Punam Bhargava
- Lauri Brown
- Joan Cataldo
- Heather Crawford
- Liz Declet
- Karen Feldman
- Jan Gomperz
- Amanda Jones
- Hugh Mahon
- Nellie Marootian
- Majid Navi, DDS
- Theodora Pottheiser
- Betty Rubin 

- Mary Gayle Scheper

- Frank Sheehan

Sponsors ​- The Department of Senior, Youth and Leisure Services, Livingston, NJ, - The Arts Council of Livingston 
​-Livingston Board of Education ​

Member of - New Jersey State Council on the Arts - New Jersey Theatre Alliance - Discover New Jersey Arts - The Arts Council of Livingston

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We would like to thank the audiences of our 14th production, You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.  We appreciate your support and help in keeping the arts alive and thriving in Livingston.  Kudos to our talented cast, orchestra, and production team. We are grateful to the family members who did without their presence during evening and weekend rehearsals.    

Charlie Brown was the second show LCP has done that featured an additional modified format performance geared for the special needs community.  It was a heartwarming experience for the cast and staff to watch these young people and their families enjoy what was, for many,  their first time experiencing a musical show together.  This is a program that we are looking forward to continuing.

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